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Can't get to the range?
Try a shooting game.
Trapshoot Game

Our Address Is:
7941 Black Street Road
LeRoy, New York 14482
(585) 768-7260
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Check out the instructions and give Trapshoot a shot. The highest score I shot was 3,635... let us know if you can top that.

Alan C. said, "My score at trap shoot was a big 3918. enjoy playing it. the chicken shoot is my favorite."

Tom M. said, "Got 3765 on that game. I used the chickens."

Dan D. said, "My new high score on the chicken-shooting game is 4,420. Can you top that?"

Arthur W. said, "I got 4120 with the chickens. The trick is to get those ground hogs."

Herb R. said, "I got 3910 after a lot of games."

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