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Law Enforcement Targets

Metal Spinning Targets offers an extensive selection of different sizes, shapes and styles of law enforcement targets. Unlike inferior metal targets, our products are designed for optimum longevity and safety, and our high velocity targets are made from 500 Brinell steel. Choose from seven categories of law enforcement targets, including spinning silhouettes, swinging pendulums, sniper/hostage targets, pepper poppers, falling plate racks, auto reset poppers and half-scale swinging IPSC targets.

Silhouette Targets: A Time-Tested Standard

IPSC silhouette targets are by far the most popular type of tactical and military training targets. Our brightly colored spinning silhouettes are available with one, two, or three per frame, and are 30 inches high. The swinging pendulum paper target holder holds paper targets from 18 inches to 24 inches wide. The target swings back and forth (pendulum-style) while you shoot.

For practice shooting snipers, terrorists and kidnappers, choose our sniper/hostage target. This unit is available for high velocity only, with a full-sized stationary IPSC. Each time the head is hit, it pivots 180 degrees from one shoulder to the other, ready for your next fire. Pepper poppers are also helpful with this type of tactical training. Our three newest products are the falling plate rack, the auto reset popper (available in several shapes), and the half-scale swinging IPSC.

The metal targets we manufacture here at Metal Spinning Targets will stay firmly in the ground and won't blow over or blow away like paper or cardboard targets. Additionally, we offer an optional base unit, suitable for hard or soft ground. Please visit our Law Enforcement Targets link for more information and to place your order.

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