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It has been said "BIGGER IS BETTER" and we couldn't agree more.
Look over our New products this year and you will see
the BIGGEST IDEAS in targets we've ever had.
TALLER, LARGER paddles, MORE paddles per unit, LOUDER, and MORE FUN!!

We have 7 new types of targets available and more coming soon. Scroll down or select a link below.

[Swing Out Vitals]  [The Invincible]  [Falling Plate Rack] 
[Auto Reset Popper]  [Paper Target Stand] 

Life-size deer, coyote and Texas Hog with swing out vital zone.

Our Deer Targets Featured in a Nikon Promotional Video - see the pictures in our Gallery

Great for hunting practice, hit the kill zone and the flag paddle is triggered.

These shapes can be used with rifle calibers, shotgun slugs and buckshot, muzzle loader and pistol loads.

Simply remove the vital paddles and it can be used as a pass-thru target for archery!

Excellent multi training tool:

  • Close range pistol shooting to 100 yards.
  • Muzzle load shots as well as slugs
  • Great test for long-range rifle shots
  • and, test your nerve with the bow and arrow. (If you are willing to let an arrow go at a living animal, then you should be willing to risk an arrow in practice)
Deer with Swing out Vitals

You'll see the hit flag pop up with every kill shot.

Coyote with swing out vitals

You'll see the hit flag pop up with every kill shot.

Texas Hog with swing out vitals
Life-size animals with swing-out vitals
Model Deer Coyote Texas Hog
Heighth/Width 41"/40" 21"/34" 24"/40"
Weight 86lbs 30lbs 100lbs
Price: $431 $181 $249

The Invincible: High-Velocity Rifle Target!

This is a heavy duty range target made for high usage.

The frame is made from structural angle iron which is then completely faced with 3/8" thick 500 brinell armor protector plate.

The target paddles are all a beefy �" thick 500 brinell rifle grade steel and are easy to interchange with other sizes.

The frame is 23" wide x 46" tall and 2-1/2 deep, this is no light weight unit @ 94 lbs. (average weight).

Paddle sizes available are 6" 8", 10", 12" and 15" circles, plus � scale IPSC and 2/3 scale IPSC and woodchuck shapes.

We have all been to the range were the frame work has been shot up and destroyed by misguided shooters - this unit will save on those repair costs.

The Invincible
The Invincible: High-Velocity Rifle Target
Height 46"
Depth 2.5"
Width 23"
Weight 94 lbs average weight
6" circle $307
8" circle $320
10" circle $340
12" circle $371
15" circle $397
1/2 scale IPSC $359
2/3 scale IPSC $379
Woodchuck $320

Falling Plate Rack Unit!

Standard unit comes with six 8" round plates, several other optional plate types available.

Plates and Splash guard made from High-Velocity steel and can be used with High-velocity, Magnum, or Rimfire. *

Includes adaptors for paper target attachment above and below the horizontal splash plate.

Plates reset with a pull of a rope attached to the reset lever.

All hardware included for assembly.

The power factor adjusting screw allows this unit to be used with rimfire, magnum or High velocity rounds.

Falling Plate Rack Falling Plate Rack
Falling Plate Rack Unit
Model Standard Unit - six 8" round plates
Height 60" to center of plates
Depth 36" at base
Width 92" full width - 14" between centers of paddles
Weight 245 lbs assembled, 300 lbs ship weight
Unit breaks down and can be shipped via truck or UPS.
Price: $1239
Optional interchangeable plates (Bowling Pin, Whiskey Bottle, Prairie Dog, 6" Circle & 5" square) $49.00 each.

Falling Plate Rack Detail

Auto Reset Popper!

Choose from Popper shape, 8" circle plate, head silhouettes, head profile or woodchuck.

Available for both High-velocity and Magnum. *

Shoot the target above the piviot and it falls back, then it slowly stands back up

No ropes to pull or batteries to charge... it's all physics and gravity.

"User friendly, simple and effective training tool, unlike the Larue Mechanized Silhouettes, requires no battery recharging, all you have to do is repaint the surface when excessive spotting. Movement and setup is a one-man job, unlike some systems that require a two-man lift, and movement is a major tasking."... from SSG Michael W. Breeds test and evalation at Fort Campbell Ranges March 2004. Auto Reset Woodchuck
Auto Reset Popper Auto Reset Popper
Auto Reset Poppers
Available in Popper, 8" Round, Head, Profile and woodchuck.
Model Mag HV
Heighth 28" 28"
Weight 48lbs 55lbs
Price: $175 $249
Shipped ready to assemble with two basic peices (paddles are interchangable)

The following is a section of a product review from:

6mmBR.com & AccurateShooter.com

Reactive Targets

A Consumer's Guide to Reactive Targets For Long-Range Rifles

Auto-Reset (Gravity) Poppers

Using gravity to re-set targets is nothing new. The simple spinners and swingers used by rimfire shooters employ gravity to center targets after a hit. But these are toys compared to Metal Spinning Targets' beefy Auto-Reset Popper, an "Industrial Strength" gravity popper. The High Velocity rifle version, at 28" high and 55 pounds is a serious piece of hardware, comparable to a LaRue in target size and mass. Yet it doesn't require batteries, and it costs $195 per unit vs. $1395 for a Larue. Tests by the U.S. Army at Fort Campbell, Kentucky were very positive. Soldiers who tested the unit declared: "User friendly, simple and effective training tool. Unlike the LaRue Mechanized Silhouettes, [it] requires no battery recharging, all you have to do is repaint the surface when excessive spotting. Movement and setup is a one-man job, unlike some systems that require a two-man lift, and movement is a major tasking," and "The best made, best [in] use, lowest maintenance popper target available." Click HERE for the full text of the Army's evaluation. As with all other Metal Spinning Target products, this unit features laser-cut, weld-free plates, and is available in 500 Brinell hardness. This quality target performs many of the duties of a LaRue, at a fraction of the cost.

Pros: Strong, tough, heavy-duty construction, but not too heavy for one person to carry comfortably. Simple, fool-proof reset mechanism. Easy-to-change target plates.

Cons: Doesn't fold completely flat so it is bulky to transport. A good deal more expensive than a simple gong or Spring-Loaded Poppers.

Paper Target Stand!

All SOLID STEEL construction.

Our wide and deep base (19 1/2" x 30") provides maximum stability.

Rectangular tubing with thunb screws holds the 1" x 2" wood slates. Two slates are provided with each unit.

Easy to use, easy to store, and only weighs only 10 lbs each.

Paper Target Stand
Paper Target Stand
Close-up of Paper Target Stand
Paper Target Stands
Model Paper Target Stand
Height As tall as slats used. Shipped with 30" slats.
Weight 10lbs
for 2
for 6

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