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A protective shield has been added covering the reset mechanism - insuring longer target life.

This target resets without strings.

Shooting the round plates locks them in place - out of sight.

Shooting the square reset plate automatically resets the target!

The target stands firmly planted in the ground on 4 steel legs.

Check out our New High-Velocity & Magnum Automatic Reset Target, with 5 round and one square reset plate.

The following is a section of a product review from:

6mmBR.com & AccurateShooter.com

A Consumer's Guide to Reactive Targets For Long-Range Rifles

Four-in-One Metal Reset Target

We love this target for 400-700 yard practice because it is fun and challenging. When you hit each of the round plates, they lock back out of the way. When you've hit the three circles, THEN shoot the square plate, and all four targets reset. The reset mechanism is covered by a protective shield for greater durability. The $295 Four-in-One Reset Target from Metal Spinning Targets stands 30" high and weighs 58 pounds. Using a sawhorse-style frame, it sits stably on four steel legs, yet breaks down competely flat for transport. The 3/8" thick plates are 5" in diameter--just about the perfect size if you want to practice for 500- and 600-yard varmint and fun shoots. On request, you can get 4" diameter paddles and a diamond-shaped reset plate. Yes, the unit is pretty pricey, but it is solidly built and fun to shoot.

Pros: Ideal plate diameters. Very Durable. Unique operation and everyone wants to try it.

Cons: Pretty expensive. We'd like to see one 24" plate on top for zeroing.

Model * Magnum Rimfire High-Velocity
Height 30" 30" 30"
Plate 5" Diameter
3/8" Thick
2" Diameter
1/4" Thick
5" Diameter
3/8" Thick
Weight 58lbs 45lbs 58lbs
Price $299 $195 $369
*See Target Ratings for a guide in selecting the appropriate model for your shooting needs.
Shipping Estimate: $0.45/pound for orders east of the Mississippi and $0.75/pound west of the Mississippi. However, to be as fair as possible we will charge you the actual shipping cost, which in most cases will be less than the estimate. Request an actual shipping quote.

5 Paddle Magnum or High-Velocity Auto Reset Target!

This unit has 5 round and 1 square paddle.

All SOLID STEEL construction with heavy duty framework. Legs are solid steel bar and can be installed, removed, or replaced with ease.

Designed for Magnum or High-Velocity Only. *

The BIG BROTHER to the 3 paddle auto reset, it works in the same manner, just shoot the 5 round paddles and they lock in the up position until your shoot the square "reset" paddle which releases them all back down. There are no ropes or electric motors needed, which keeps the shooter safely on or behind the shooting line.

This unit can be transported and stored flat.

5 Paddle Mag Auto Reset
5 Paddle Mag Auto Reset
Close-up of 5-Paddle Auto Reset
5 Paddle Auto Reset Target
Model 5 Paddle Mag Reset 5 Paddle HV Reset
Height 50" 50"
Weight 75lbs 105lbs
Price: $438 $539

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